The giant crab

Written by D.D

A few days ago we went to a beach called Playa Panca. We were the only ones there for most of the time because it hard to get to without a truck. It had tons of little hermit crabs. We made holes for the tiny hermit crabs and we built a sanctuary for them. While I was digging, I found a giant white crab. It had no shell! It was really quick, it jumped out of the sand where I was digging.

Diamante Eco Park



Last week was our Easter break. Over our break we went to Diamante Eco Park. My favorite things were the reptiles. I learned that they have to be in the sun to survive or they will move very slow. Some reptiles can be very hostile including: snakes, lizards and most small reptiles. My favorite reptile is the BOA CONSTRICTOR!!! They can grow to be 9+ feet long. ES MUY GRANDE!!! (Thats really big.)

Written By DD


My favorite thing to see was the Sloths. sloths actually live in Costa Rica. They move MUY LENTO ( very slow). I learned that they live in 1 tree for a whole week, they then come down to go to the bathroom and move to another tree.


Written by BD


My favorite was the butterflies, there were Tantos. ( so many)

Fieldtrip Day

On Friday we went on  a field trip to the Congo Trail for World Wildlife Day. We went to an animal sanctuary. The animals that are in the sanctuary are rescued from illegal animal trafficking as well as they care for injured wildlife that is brought there.

We learned that some people come to Costa Rica and trap wild animals like monkeys, parakeets, parrots, snakes and sloths. This is bad for the animals because people do not look after them properly or feeding them the right foods and the animals can die while be transported.

While we were there we got to see, monkeys, turtles, snakes, fish, parrots and parakeets to name some. The parrots can talk , one said “Hola”, “Ha, ha , ha”. We got to hold the turtles, they have tiny claws that feel like a pinch. The monkeys were very curious and playful.


Written By MAD

I learned some more spanish over the past while. We had a S.T.E.M project and I made a homopolar motor. Now to the good part, the other day I went snorkeling for part of school. Guess what we saw, a stingray!! One of are teachers pointed it out.  It was cool but it gave us a warning signal meaning back off. hope you enjoy my posts