Christmas in Costa Rica

Our time here in Costa Rica is coming to an end. We have had an amazing year filled with so many new experiences. Our focus as a family this year has been on having more adventures, more time together and much less focus on personal belongings. We moved here with only 1 suitcase each and have lived in 4 different places each only being a very small 2 bedroom condo. We have learned lessons about how to appreciate the things we have and how to live with less stuff and less space.

With that in mind we wanted to end our experience here with Christmas in the same way. We have spend time as a family crafting our Christmas tree and decorations this year. We are so blessed that the boys grandparents could join us here for the last 2 months and will have an untraditional meal on Christmas Eve to celebrate. We plan on hitting the beach Christmas day after the few gifts are opened and appreciated.

We want to thank you so much for sharing our journey, it has been an incredible year!!

From our family to yours ;

Merry Christmas , wishing you all Love, Laughter, and Adventure in the year to come. Pura Vida

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