Travelling Adventures

We took a big adventure down the very south end of Costa Rica. At our first rest stop we seen Toucans and Macaws in the trees. They are really cool.

We stopped at the Tarcoles River to see all the crocodiles sunning themselves under the bridge , they were Huge!!

Along the way we stopped to see some really nice lookouts at the ocean , the waves are much bigger along the coast line then where we live.

We then arrived at Uvita for our first night. We visited some nice beaches , we played by a cave and swam in some big waves.

Our next destination was an Eco Lodge beside the Corcovado National Park. We saw a Scorpion as big as D’s hand , it was right beside his foot ! Too fast for a picture though. We went hiking on many trails , we got to see squirrel monkeys, they were really adorable. We hoped to see sloths but they were all hiding.

Then we went on a chocolate tour , we seen lots of different kinds of fruit first. Then we learned how chocolate was made from growing the fruit to drying it out and grinding it up. At the end we got to taste it !!

At our last stop we stayed by a bunch of waterfalls. We went hiking to see them and saw an army frog and lots of tadpoles.

We had an amazing adventure!!

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