Diamante Eco Park



Last week was our Easter break. Over our break we went to Diamante Eco Park. My favorite things were the reptiles. I learned that they have to be in the sun to survive or they will move very slow. Some reptiles can be very hostile including: snakes, lizards and most small reptiles. My favorite reptile is the BOA CONSTRICTOR!!! They can grow to be 9+ feet long. ES MUY GRANDE!!! (Thats really big.)

Written By DD


My favorite thing to see was the Sloths. sloths actually live in Costa Rica. They move MUY LENTO ( very slow). I learned that they live in 1 tree for a whole week, they then come down to go to the bathroom and move to another tree.


Written by BD


My favorite was the butterflies, there were Tantos. ( so many)

One thought on “Diamante Eco Park

  1. Hi guys, sorry we don’t always comment on your posts but are fascinated with your adventures. Keep posting and we will continue to follow. The Eco park looks pretty neat.


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