The Water Challenge


In school we are taking part in Grades of Green . We did a water challenge at home to conserve water every day and we have made a water filter system at school. We take dirty water and put it through and then we can use it to water our garden. These are the materials we used.

  1. Three 4-5 gallon buckets
  2. white sand
  3. Gravel.
  4. Activated Charcoal.
  5. grey water (dirty water)
  6. Cotton.
  7. Hose
  8. Water

One thought on “The Water Challenge

  1. This is a lot like a fancy aquarium filter that I used to use It would go thru several filter media and carbon It is good to understand how water can be reused. I enjoyed the pics of the rescue animal sanctuary that was-sent last week. Great pics


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