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I learned some more spanish over the past while. We had a S.T.E.M project and I made a homopolar motor. Now to the good part, the other day I went snorkeling for part of school. Guess what we saw, a stingray!! One of are teachers pointed it out.  It was cool but it gave us a warning signal meaning back off. hope you enjoy my posts

3 thoughts on “School/THE STINGRAY

  1. Hi darlin’!! We love your posts! You will have to explain to us what a homopolar motor is, I have never heard of that.Stingrays are definitely beautiful, but deadly, so it is good you stayed away! You guys are sure doing and seeing some pretty cool things there. I envy you that you are getting to see and live a life that not too many people get a chance to do. You have the opportunity to completely explore how other people live and work and learn a new culture… I am soooooo jealous. Papa just told me that he googled what that motor is and he thinks it looks pretty neat!! Keep sending your posts honey, we do enjoy them.. miss you and love you to the moon and back!! Nana and Papa😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Hi M. So good to read the blog. We were also at a beach and a guy fishing caught a stingray. They sure look pretty cool…watch out for the tail. We are enjoying the sun in Florida. I hope you like the sun shine and your new school. Have a great day!

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  3. That sounds like you had a lot of fun! Your classmates would love to go snorkeling with you. LD would like you to book a room for us to come visit and go snorkeling. Miss you!
    4/5 B


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