The Monkey’s

Written by B.D

The monkey’s came to the tree’s behind our house , they are small but really LOUD. They sound like they growl. They are called Howler Monkeys, i tried to take a picture but they were to far away. I will try again so I can show you.



5 thoughts on “The Monkey’s

  1. Oh my!! I hope they don’t howl too much and keep you guys awake! It would be pretty awesome to see monkeys up that close tho’. You are all so lucky to be seeing all the different thing that u have seen so far. You will certainly have a lot of really cool stories to tell everyone when you get back to Medicine Hat. We love the area that you are in, it looks so beautiful, and warm. Lol😊 We Love hearing from all of you, your stories really make us smile. Love you so very much Munchkin!!❤️😘


  2. Hi B, monkeys can be very loud. They are so cute to watch. Hopefully you can send a picture. We went to see the lions and the male is so beautiful. Love you and miss you.😘

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  3. Hola chicos, Sounds like you have your own private zoo in the back yard. Do the monkeys come around often or just pass thru now and again? I really liked the sea horse (caballo de mar). Would be kinda neat to see one if you where snorkelling. Your papa would really be interested in that. He used to raise all kinds of tropical fish, but maybe you already know that. Auntie Gail and I snorkelled when we use to go to Mexico, but only saw a few different fish, but still was neat. Keep posting the pics and the stories, really enjoy them. Say hi to your mom and dad (mama y papa).

    Talk to you later


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  4. Hi B – we really want to see a picture of those monkeys! We have been building lots of cool stuff in science. Are you learning to speak Spanish in escuela? Love Mrs. Klick, Mrs. Jones and 1A

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