The scorpion

Written by D.D

At condo number ten we saw a scorpion but it was dead. It had ants all over we were on our way to the pool when we saw the scorpion.  There are scorpions around here but they are not the really dangerous kind. We still have to watch out for them though because they will really hurt if we get stung.

Scorpio the scorpion

4 thoughts on “The scorpion

  1. Gramma doesnt like bugs very much. This scorpion looks really big…even if it is dead. I like to read your stories.


  2. Well that is different. I imagine you have to be careful when you put your shoes on or where you lay your beach towel. I know your grandma wouldn’t be pleased to see one alive or dead


  3. GH is wondering if you always check your shoes for scorpions?
    Sure wouldn’t want to have that in your shoe!!
    4/5 B


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