The other day, the upper elementary were invited to watch a rocket launch live on computer. I know right it’s not everyday you get to see a live rocket launch. It was so cool because two of the thrusters came back and landed side by side. Problem is the rocket broke and is lost in space. It was supposed to go to mars. No people in that rocket just a test.

5 thoughts on “THE LAUNCH!!

  1. Hola mis sobrinos grandiosos : I thought I would write just one messages to include all three of you. Sounds like things are great there. Learning new games at school, watching a rocket launch, and scorpions!! Guess you will have to check your shoes before putting them on.
    Are you learning some Spanish in school? Hope so. I tried to learn some years ago but never kept it up but know a couple of words. I cheated today and used a translator. Hope mom and dad are having fun as well. I’m kinda jealous that you have all that warm weather and beaches. No so much here.. we had snow last night, just a little, but Medical Hat had lots. Keep sending your stories. Auntie Gail and I enjoy reading them and seeing the photos. Have fun at school this week.

    Bye for now (adios por ahora) Uncle Donny and Auntie Gail


  2. Hi M.D,
    I glad you got to watch the launch. We are in Fort Myers and could see it fly over us. It was pretty awsome. We are enjoying the hot sunshine but sure miss you guys.


  3. It would have been neat watching that. Was wondering how many kids are in your class and like uncle Don was wondering if you have some classes in Spanish. Also how does your grade work out with there school year been different than Canada. Like hearing from all of you


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