Life in Costa Rica

Guest post by Mom

Hola everyone! Thank you so much if you are following the blog or taking time to read the boys posts, they really enjoy deciding what they want to share and they especially enjoy reading your comments so please feel free to comment or ask questions!

I thought I would just tell you a bit about what we are doing here and how it came to be in a nutshell.

A long time ago, we had an idea that we would love to have the opportunity to take our kids to another country to experience another culture, another language and another way of life. We have been looking and learning and searching for that place for a long time. We found Costa Rica and it seemed liked what we were searching for, so the idea turned into a dream and then into a goal and before Christmas it all came together and well here we are!

We are in a small beach community and the boys are enrolled in an Eco School . It is a small, fairly new school with a lot of passion for what they are working towards accomplishing and is going to be a fantastic experience for the boys. It is exactly the kind of experience we were hoping to give them when deciding to make this move. ( if you would like more info on the school, name and website etc. I can send it via email)

They are only one week in as the school year here runs February through December, and they go Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm. They are lucky as some of the other schools start at 7:30am!!

That is about it from me, it was the boys idea to start this blog as a way to keep in touch and to share their experiences while here in Costa Rica and they will try to post every week,  they decide what to write and do the writing for the most part themselves.  As I mentioned they love getting your feedback so thank you again!! If you would like email notifications when they post something new just click the “follow” button on the blog.

Pura Vida!!



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