Escuela – School

By b.d

We started escuela on Thursday. We had a party the night before at escuela to meet everyone. we had a fire and roasted banana’s, apples and pineapple, The banana’s were my favorite.

There are lemon tree’s at escuela, we made lemonade. We used special tools to squirt the lemon juice out and we added white sugar ,the end.

4 thoughts on “Escuela – School

  1. Hi darlin’.. the school sounds like a lot of fun already. Roasting bananas and pineapple over a fire would be so awesome! We roast whiners over a fire, but your experience sounds way better. We love hearing about what you kids are doing, we can watch how beautiful it is there, and how warm! We are very jealous of you all being where it is so warm while we freeze here. Lol. Looking forward to your next blog and hearing about how your first week of school goes. Love Nana❤️

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  2. Nice way to start school, out door party. We haven’t been going out to much lately. Our temp. has been -26 with snow. I really like the idea of you guys writing about your new home. Looking forward to your next update.

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  3. Boys-you look so happy!! I’m so glad you’re experiencing such a beautiful country!! Keep sending us pictures, Kade and Bowen are excited to see more!!
    Meghan, Kade, and Bo


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